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Storing Your Hair Sample 

Before dispatching it to the lab.

Your hair sample needs to be stored in a clean, untainted environment before it is sent to the laboratory for analysis. To mitigate contamination, we recommend downloading a self-printed sample storage envelope.

Things You Will Need 

A Document Printer

You will need a black & white or colour printer to print your sample envelope.

A4 or Letter-size Paper

Print the sample envelope using a piece of new A4 or Letter-size paper. 

A Teaspoon Of Hair

At least a teaspoon full of hair is necessary to ensure accurate analysis.

Scotch Tape

Have a roll of adhesive tape handy to seal the sample envelope.

Sanitary Conditions

Ensure that your samples are collected in a clean, dust-free area to mitigate contamination of your sample to ensure accurate results.

Clean Hands

Clean your hands before handling your hair samples.

Sample Collection Envelope

Important Note

We have simplified the process of storing hair samples by introducing a user-friendly, self-printed sample envelope to mitigate the likelihood of material contamination during shipping and handling of lab-issued sample envelopes.

Download & Print Sample Envelope

  • Simply ensure you have at least a teaspoon full of hair samples.
  • Print the envelope on a new A4 or Letter-size paper, and seal it before submission. 
  • If you decide to use your own envelope, place the hair sample in a plain clean new paper envelope, making sure to write your name, gender, age, sample location (e.g., scalp), and lab number (for retests) on the envelope before placing the sample inside.
  • Place the hair sample envelope into another envelope with the required submittal form and post it to our facility.
  • Keep in mind that mediums such as plastic or foil are unsuitable and can contaminate the sample and lead to potentially inaccurate results.